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Cats currently available for Adoption


If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, please submit
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  After submitting the Application, contact  the person indicated
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Our cats are fostered in homes throughout Southern California and we always find a way to transport them by car.  We do not ship our cats by plane.

If  you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please contact Marla

This may only be a partial list.  Check here frequently for updated information.  
Page last updated June 20, 2017





POSTED 3/21/17                               

STATUS: Available


I am Stripes, a 6 yr young boy that has found myself without a home.  My human mommy was ill and no longer able to take care of me.  Lucky for me though, she found this nice group of people to take me in, but I know it is only temporary.  I know you will want to scoop me up and take me home because ........well because I am so cute and fun and easy going and get along with other cats.  I am special and unusual in that there is a small amount of burmese heritage in me, but the rest is all aby

Now I am feeling see I used to tear the fur from my stomach area because it just felt so itchy, you humans call it allergies..  Now my temporary mom and dad know what to feed me and it is so much better. 


We can see you are intrigued so please talk to.....Marla

Location: Las Vegas




Posted 6/15/17                            

STATUS: Available

I am better than any cat here for I am royalty.  I am used to having my way and being pampered.  I need my beauty treatment and that means a brushing of my beautiful ruddy Somali coat every day. 

Unfortunately, times past were not up to my standard, but these temporary humans taking are of me recognize my magnificence and are slowly getting me back to the days when I was young.   Please do not tell me that because I am eleven, that is impossible.  I don't want to hear that.  I just had a vet visit and that lovely doctor and staff thought I was so adorable.  They said my tests were normal and soon I will have my teeth done. 


I feel so young and it shows when I play with that stick with the mouse on the is my favorite thing!  I jump up in the air and pounce on it.  You would think I was five, which is what I feel like!


Oh yes, because I am royalty I don't mingle with the underling cats.  Please know if I have to share space with them, they won't enjoy it!


You will be the one missing out if  you don't sweep me off my feet.  Intrigued?  Then contact Marla

Location: Los Angeles






Posted 6/15/17                               

STATUS: Adoption Pending

I see you have stopped here - and why not?  I am Wilbur and I am the most beautiful ruddy boy you will ever lay your eyes on.  At three year old I am VERY ACTIVE.  I love to play and hunt and anything that runs from me, including your cat.  Hmmmm,  maybe that is why my foster mom doesn't think it is a good idea that I go to live with another cat.  Perhaps it is because I am terrorizing hers, heh, heh!

I am very helpful to the humans.  I will be on the counter helping you cook or on your desk helping you at the computer.  Oh, you mean I'm not supposed to sit on it while you were working.  I thought that was the idea. 


Do you have delicate porcelains?  All the more fun for me to knock down when I jump on your furniture.  Grace is not one of my attributes, but my cuteness makes up for it!


Haven't I described what you want in your beautiful abyssinian cat?   Imagine, here I am to represent that wonderful purrsonality. Not only would you be getting a playful, handsome boy, but you would get my loving side too.  I like to give kisses with my tongue.  I can also sit up, heck it might be fun if we have a little training session or two. 


So now that you know how wonderful I am, I am sure you are ready to contact Marla

Location: Los Angeles





Posted 6/15/17                          


Hello there!  My name is Billie Jean and I am proud of myself because I chose it.   I am a polite young thing (only 3 years) and do not run around like your typical abyssinian.  In fact, I am on the quieter side and prefer life that way. I don't like loud noises or boisterous situations.  I do, however, like human affection and will purr to show my appreciation of it.

If  you have a motherly type cat I would be very happy having a relationship with her.  Rolling around with other cats does not please me.  A forward cat will make me nervous and I would not be happy.


Treats make me happy and just hanging out with my human will make me happy.


Oh yes, and I am sure you can see how beautiful I am.


Are you interested in giving me a furrever home and dedicating yourself to me?  If so I suggest you contact Marla

Location: Los Angeles






Posted 9/25 /16                               


Do you have a big racetrack for me to run  around in.  Like a long hallway and then a room I can run circles in.  And maybe a tall bookcase that I could run up (or a nice sturdy cat tree would work for me). 

I love to play, then play some more.  What else do you expect from a 2 year old ruddy female girl. 

Yes, I am petite, but only  because of my hard start in life.  When these wonderful humans at S.C.A.R. took me in I was malnourished - in fact they thought I was just a kitten, but I tried to tell them I was more 9 months.  They just couldn't believe it until I started my many vet visits.

I was found on the street by a very good human (I think you humans use the word samaritan).  I was starving, had lots of parasites and other bad things.  I was in the vet hospital for months, but everyone fell in love with me and I finally was able to go back to my foster home.  More vet visits and medications, but I am finally ready for my furrever home.

I need someone that is ready for my energetic nature, but can also be dedicated to my care for the rest of my life.  Actually, it is only a pill and special food and constantly watching over me BUT I AM WORTH IT!


Are you the one to have and to hold for the rest of my life??? If so, then contact Marla

Location: Las Vegas




POSTED 3/19/17                               

STATUS: Available


I am the mighty Jack, and at over 15 lbs. I am very mighty.  However, I am just a pussycat waiting to purr and give you love.  My red coat blends well with my girlfriend Cinder and we have lots of fun playing together.  Heck, we have fun playing with anyone!

Cinder is a my chausie mix girlfriend and she is just too busy playing to talk to you right now.  She is very clever and can turn on that round thing that the red light comes out of.  Yessirree she can turn it on all by itself and likes to do it at 5am in the morning.  Well, humans are still sleeping and we are ready to start our day. 


I imagine any human that wants us to live with us would have to be prepared for all the mischief we might get into, like opening cabinets, doors, climbing bookcases, you name it we will do it, hehe!


We are young (3 yrs) and smart and playful and affectionate and just want to have fun.


If you want to have fun playing with us then get in touch with .....Marla

Location: Las Mesa



POSTED 2/6/17                               

STATUS: Available


Let me introduce myself, my name is Sofie and I chose it.  I am a beautiful blue 10 yr girl that enjoys hanging around with you humans and whatever nice feline you may have.   If you are in the kitchen that is where I will be. If you are staring into that box with the sound coming out of it, that is where I will be.........unless of course the sound is offensive to me and then I will go into another room.  Did I say I was smart?  That goes without saying.

I love to sit on my foster dad's chest after's our special time and we will watch tv together.  We could do that too, if you take me home.  I have been introduced to the little dog here and am not phased one bit.  I have interacted with some younger humans who were very gentle so I could be pursuaded to get along with a nice 8 yr human.



I am cute so get in touch with .....Marla

Location: Apple Valley



POSTED 3/6/17                               

STATUS: Available


Are you looking at me, the mighty Piccalo.  You may continue looking if you don't  have any dogs, cats or children.

Why you ask......because I have lived with an older person all 12 yrs of my life and it was just us against the world.  At this stage of my life I am not about to learn how to get along with other cats or dogs.  I do have food allergies and have a dietary constraint, but nothing you can't pick up at your local pet food store.


Yes it is sad, my human died and left me and then I was put into that facility.  I knew someone would get me out of there and now I am safe and secure in my temporary home.  I admit, I am still not as happy as I could be because there are other cats around me. They can't get to me, but I still know they are there. 


I once was loved and I know I can be loved again so if you are interested in me then get in touch with .....Marla

Location: Las Vegas


Updated January  2017                          

STATUS: Available

I'm Kaykee, an adorable 8-9 yr old girl waiting for a new home. I am affectionate, fun, playful, good natured, what more could anyone ask for. Once there were three of us sisters and when my two siblings went to their new home I was left with my mom.  It is ok with me as I am a mama's girl and we are very bonded together.

I'm Tiny and I am the mama at only a year older than Kaykee.  Can't tell us apart?  Don't worry, we can't either, hehe, for we love each other so much.  We can even finish each other's sentences. 

I think it is obvious we must go together, wherever we go, and we are really ready for a new home.  It's good and nice here, but...........well  you understand.

We are all very easy going, flexible good kitties, what more can we say?


If you are interested in letting us into your home, contact Marla

Location: Las Vegas









Posted 4/16/17                               

STATUS: Adoption pending

OK, I admit it....I am a ham, I love to have my picture taken.  Why not?  I am beautiful and sweet!  At about 4 yrs old, I just want to roll around and get affection.  I am looking for someone to appreciate me for who I am.  I have never been around dogs so I can't say if I will want to room with one or not.  When it comes to other feline roomies, they would have to be quiet and give me my is very important that they do not get into MY food bowl and never when I am eating.

So what do you say?  Am I yours?  If so, then contact Marla

Location: Laguna Beach








..................THE FOLLOWING CATS HAVE BEEN ADOPTED...............


Updated January 2017                              

STATUS: Adopted

Rambo here, the handsome ruddy boy, but you can also call me Bo. My life started as a wee kitten in 2007 and I haven't stopped playing. 

BTW, that is Rambo, as in rambunctious.  I can help you in your office, or the bathroom, or the kitchen, or wherever you are at  the moment.


I am affectionate, silly, playful, fun, good looking and everything in between.


If I came to live with you I wouldn't cause any trouble (well maybe just a little) and you would be the happiest human ever.


Sorry, but I HATE other cats so I have to be your one and only, but TRUST ME, you wouldn't need any other cats if I was in charge!


Don't delay, get in touch with my friend Marla

Location: Las Vegas





Updated January 2017                              

STATUS: Adopted

Greetings to you.  I am Narley, the most beautiful red male aby you could possibly hope to dream for.  I was born in 2007 and am.............well you do the math, I can't!


I am very affectionate, cute, playful, handsome and yes, I am ALL THAT.


My purrfect home would be one without any other cats as I don't like them.  I have never been around other dogs so I can't answer to that.  I have never been around children either but if you have one older than ten I might be open to that.


What are waiting for - hurry up and contact


Location: Las Vegas





POSTED 3/22/17                               

STATUS: Adopted


Helllllooooo there!!!  Do you have a nice shoulder to sit on?  Or a nice lap to sit in?  Or a nice mouse to play with?

I love all of those things and I love affection and I will talk to you and lucky you I am looking for a new home.


OK I'll slow down.  I am only about 4 yrs old and as you can see I am cute as can be.  I would like to be an only cat though so I can give you my undivided attention without anyone else there. Oh no there is a fly on the wall got to get it.  Hurry up and contact......Marla

Location: Los Angeles





UPDATED 8/16/16                               

STATUS: Adopted


Look deeply into my eyes and repeat after me.........I WANT SIMBA....I WANT SIMBA......I WANT SIMBA.

Now wake up and contact .......Marla



If  you count like I do, then  1 + 3 = 4 years, or if you count like humans do as 1, 2, 3..... then I am you get the joke?     What you should know is that I have a sense of humor, am very curious, like any typical aby.  I love to see what you are doing and I like to be near you.  I will allow you to pick me up and I have the most beautiful trill that you will have ever heard in an aby.  I love my special Urinary SO food and want my bowl filled at all times.  Counter surfing is my favorite sport and I would love to help you cook.

I am getting along with my very calm male and female friends in my foster home but would really like my own home.

Keep repeating.......I WANT SIMBA


Location: Los Angeles





POSTED 3/21/17                               

STATUS: Adopted


I am a 6 yr young boy that have found myself without a home.  My human mommy was ill and no longer able to take care of me.  Lucky for me though, she found this nice group of people to take care of me, but it is only temporary.  I know you will want to scoop me up and take me home because ........well because I am so cute and fun and easy going and get along with other cats.   I are special and unusual in that I do have a small amount of burmese heritage in my background, but the rest is all aby.

I feel so much better now that I had my teeth fixed.  It was very painful before but now I am eating like a horse again, a human phrase, not mine.




We can see you are intrigued so please talk to.....Marla

Location: Las Vegas






Posted 1/23/16                                 

STATUS: Adopted
THE DIVINE MISS S (which stands for Sassy)

Here I am in all my splendor, just waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet.  I am only about 3 yrs, full of play.

I am full of spunk and need lots of interaction with my human, lots of playtime, lots of attention.  I need someone that can handle all my energy and, although I am not a full aby, I have lots of aby in me with that abytude to go along with it.

I need an adult only home and I prefer that female touch. I like to bond with one person and expect that person to give me their all.

I am currently rooming with two aby boys so if you have aby experience and another very calm aby boy that I can control, I might consider it.    Or if you have a calm dog I can play with, I might consider that too, but I get to make the final decision, of course!

If you are intrigued with my story and with me, please get in touch with Marla

Location: La Mesa









Posted 1/7 /16                               

STATUS: Adopted

Sweet Yet Loving Very Intelligent Energetic.  If you like word games you will note that the first letter of every word spells my name......SYLVIE.  Cute, right?


Well I am cute and I am only 7 years old and waiting for a new home.  I am used to a calm cat and a small dog so if you have one I will be able to handle them.  I may not want to be buddies with them, however I can live side by side.  My beautiful somali coat is very luxurious and easy to take care of.  I like to be on high places, like any self respecting somali should.   And I am good at balancing on small areas. 


How can you resist my cuteness?    If you can't, please contact Marla

Location: Laguna








Check here frequently for other cats